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Sunshine Coast: Best Sights to Explore

The Sunshine Coast is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Queensland, Australia. If the name itself doesn’t excite you, this region is best known for its warm and sunny weather. Due to the beautiful climate, there are plenty of opportunities for tourists to exploit the unbroken beaches that line the coast. Even on winter, the climate in the Sunshine Coast is still relatively ideal; hence, there is no off-peak season here. The popularity of the region as a tourist destination can also make it difficult to book Sunshine Coast accommodation. Therefore, you need to give yourself adequate head start to plan your trip to the region.
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Explore Sunshine Coast
Before you book your Sunshine Coast accommodation, it is important to list the things you want to see during your holiday. This will enable you to plan your itinerary and choose an accommodation that is most convenient to your desired attractions.
The beach is your number one place to go to in the Sunshine Coast. You can head to Noosa’s Main Beach and rent paddle and long boards. You can also rent a kayak or hire a boat. Either of these two options will allow you to explore the inlets and lakes in the region. If you prefer a more laid back experience, you can go to Mooloolaba Beach to sunbathe, have a picnic and enjoy some delicious cuisines along the strip.
The hinterland area of the Sunshine Coast also has plenty to offer. You can check out arts and crafts made by local artists at Eumundi Markets. Or you may want wander through the trails and national parks that the region has to offer. But if you are a lover of wine, go to Maleny to sample local cheese and wine. There are more choices available to explore the Sunny Coast such as checking out local restaurants, strawberry picking, or buying fresh seafood at an outdoor’s market.
Other Attractions in Sunshine Coast
Sunshine Coast is a large region consisting of a few notable destinations. Caloundra is one of those to add to your list of places to see and explore. When you book Caloundra Beach accommodation, you will be able to enjoy a relaxing holiday filled with exploration of historical sites, nature reserves, and headland cliffs. Caloundra is also a haven for shoppers and foodies because there is a nearby esplanade filled with shops and restaurants. Visit website Henzells
When you’re done exploring Caloundra, hop over to Kings Beach. You will find your ideal Kings Beach accommodation as there are plenty of them to choose from. Kings Beach offers a more festive atmosphere; hence, it might be ideal for the young travelers looking for a lot of fun in Sunshine Coast.
The final destination to add to your list is the Moffat Beach. This beach is also notable for its line of alfresco restaurants and cafes with a view of the beach. It is another famous destination for tourists looking for a surf break. You will find plenty classy Moffat Beach accommodation options to choose from. Meanwhile, the beach is calm as it is protected from the winds by the Moffat Headland.
With this travel guide, you can now plan your trip and book Sunshine Coast accommodation. If you are looking for the ideal holiday accommodation, you can go to

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